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I’ve got to start off with an admission, I’m a gear junkie.  Whether it be guns, computers, cameras and other electronic devices, tools, or (of course) flashlights, I’m always interested in things that allow me to do things faster, better, or easier, or that are simply fun to use.  Combined with my desire to always learn new things, this led to the creation of FlashlightGuide.com, where I paired two of my favorite subjects, flashlights and computers, with two I wanted to learn more about, photography and website building.

Where FlashlightGuide has a narrow focus, GearSight will be much broader.  I have a very general definition of “gear” so just about anything could show up on these pages, ranging from EDC items all the way through firearms, electronics, and accessories.  I even plan to write about flashlights here although the more detailed reviews will be saved for FlashlightGuide.

Just to set the record straight, I’m not a prepper, survivalist, LEO or ex-military nor do I want to pretend to be.  Quite frankly, I’m probably the most “high drag, low speed” non-operator you will ever meet.  However, I suspect there are other gear junkies like me out there, so hopefully the things I share here will be of use to them.  Stay tuned for more!

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