Angstadt Arms SCW-9

February 2, 2019 By Jim

Angstadt Arms SCW-9

Responding to the US Army’s request for a new sub-compact weapon system, Charlotte NC based Angstadt Arms set out to create their shortest and most compact weapon ever, the SCW-9.

Having already designed the successful UDP-9, Angstadt Arms was no stranger to compact 9mm rifles. They drew upon this experience as they began looking to shrink their existing platform even further.

The Challenge

The SCW-9 is based on the same AR-style design as the UDP-9 with a closed bolt, blowback operated system. It is also fed by Glock magazines with last round bolt hold open. However, the original UDP-9 was simply too large, measuring 24″ long with a 6″ barrel and Magpul MOE stock.

The real challenge involved shortening the stock, which housed the recoil spring and buffer typical of AR-based rifles. To solve this, they created their own Sub Compact Weapon Stock which collapses to a mere 2.5″.

The new stock features a minimalist aluminum shoulder pad that collapses flush with the modified buffer tube. As a result, the SCW-9 measures only 14.7″ long and weighs 4 pounds, while maintaining a reasonable barrel length of 4″ and tri-lug adapter.

We’ve designed it to make the gun incredibly portable . . . it makes for a really lightweight compact platform

Rich Angstadt, Angstadt Arms

The stock system is also compatible with 5.56mm and .300 Blackout and will be available for purchase separately. In addition, it will be compatible with exiting AR-style rifles from other manufacturers. Work is also underway to design a pistol brace version of the stock system.

300 Blackout with Sub Compact Stock
.300 Blackout with Angstadt Arms Sub Compact Stock System

The Result

The Angstadt Arms SCW-9 does a nice job of retaining functionality in a weapon that will be instantly familiar to anyone who has handled an AR-style rifle.

It’s hard to comprehend just how compact the SCW-9 is without actually seeing it. Although I had seen numerous photos prior to SHOT Show, I was still surprised when I saw the final product with my own eyes.

Angstadt Arms SCW-9
Angstadt Arms SCW-9 in front of Maxpedition Solstice camera bag

For more information or to check availability, be sure to visit the Angstadt Arms website. I also recommend following them on Instagram for some great photos of their products.


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